Drinking caffeine after working out


One of the worst mistakes you can make after wrapping up a workout is reaching for a caffeinated beverage. So ditch the caffeine-packed energy drinks and cups of joe!

"Physical exercise is a stressor on the body, and when the body senses stress, cortisol is released," explains Alissa Tucker, NASM-CPT and master trainer for AKT. "Caffeine also increases cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, and while we do need it, chronic high levels of cortisol can result in many health issues including inflammation and weight gain."

Tucker suggests enjoying your morning coffee before working out and choosing a hydrating beverage such as coconut water or water after your workout.

"Research has shown that caffeine pre-workout can improve performance, amp up motivation, and reduce muscle soreness during your workouts," Tucker points out. "Meditation post-workout or simply setting a timer on your phone for three to five minutes and focusing on deep breathing can help you switch from your sympathetic to your parasympathetic nervous system and help to bring down your cortisol levels more quickly."

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