Not getting enough sleep


Your body experiences its recovery phase when you sleep, which is why sufficient rest after working out is crucial. "During deep sleep (non-REM sleep), your breathing slows and your blood pressure drops," explains Tucker. "Your brain is also resting so there is more blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients to your muscles helping them to recover, heal, and grow. It is also during this deep sleep [when] your body releases human growth hormone which stimulates tissue growth and muscle repair."

The Sleep Foundation recommends healthy adults aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night. "While a 6 a.m. workout may seem like the healthiest way to start your day, those early mornings might actually be sabotaging your health goals if it means that you're not sleeping enough," explains Tucker. "Prioritize your sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene by limiting screen time before bed or using blue light-blocking glasses, avoid alcohol and other stimulants, and avoid eating too close to bedtime."

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