What is the MIND Diet all about?


Essentially, this diet supplies your brain nourishment so it's protected against inflammation and oxidative stress that can be incredibly damaging—especially as you grow older.

"Early research on the MIND Diet found that it had the potential to slow brain aging by up to 7.5 years," Moon says. "A new study adds to this line of thought. It found that people with higher MIND Diet scores—meaning they followed most of the recommendations—were indeed biologically aging at a slower pace overall."

The majority of the MIND Diet focuses on plant-based foods such as fresh veggies (like leafy greens), beans, whole grains, berries, olive oil, and nuts. Small portions of seafood and poultry are included as well. "You won't be eating as much fried food, butter, cheese, meat, or pastries and sweets," Moon adds. "These foods aren't eliminated—they're just limited—so many people find the MIND Diet less restrictive and easier to stick to."

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