Not cooling down or stretching


"The reason for a cool down is to return your heart rate back or close to your resting heart rate," says Mihovilovic. "Stopping immediately without a cool-down can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting. Static stretching and foam rolling (being a part of your cool down) are also important because they can help improve range of motion in the joints, decrease the risk of injury, relieve potential cramping, assist with circulation, and decrease muscle soreness."

Make it your goal to carve out three to five minutes for cooling down after your workouts. Work out with the mindset that your cool-down is just as crucial as your main workout itself. "What I see often is clients that think if it's not actively burning calories or feeling incredibly intense, it's not beneficial," Mihovilovic points out. "If you are planning to do a 30-minute workout, make sure that the last three to five minutes of that 30-minute incorporate your cool-down."

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