Rushing into another intense workout


Tucker says this one may sound silly, but she's experienced plenty of "workout-obsessed clients" who perform "doubles," aka, high-intensity workouts back-to-back. "While occasionally this may be okay with certain types of exercise, too much high-intensity exercise without proper recovery time can cause chronic high cortisol levels, deplete glycogen stores, disrupt metabolism, and increase the risk of injury if done regularly—all of which can negatively impact workout results," she explains.

As previously stressed, rest and recovery time is a critical part of the process. Tucker recommends taking eight hours—but ideally 24 hours—for your body to sufficiently recover between intense workouts. If you feel the need to squeeze in an extra workout, opt for a lower-intensity strength workout paired with a higher-intensity cardio routine. "Or, skip the second workout altogether and opt for gentle activity like walking in nature or a leisurely bike ride—both of which can help to balance cortisol levels," Tucker suggests.

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